Focusing on "double carbon", the fourth Qingdao Industrial Expo and Shandong Foundry Exhibition is about to open
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From August 26th to 28th, 2022 the 4th Qingdao International Industry Expo and the 4th Shandong International Foundry Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as:) will be co-hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation, Shandong Foundry Association, China (International) Robot and High-end Equipment Industry Alliance, Shandong New Cheng Hua Exhibition Co., LTD. Qingdao Industrial EXPO AND Shandong Foundry Exhibition will be held in Qingdao World Expo City. This exhibition is full of contents and new elements. Display products to "double carbon" industry as the main line, mainly show Shandong in recent years in casting, laser sheet metal cutting, industrial automation, green building and other aspects of technological innovation and transformation and upgrading development results, in order to promote the depth of communication and cooperation between enterprises and their upstream and downstream.


Shandong is a large and strong manufacturing province with complete industrial categories and a complete system. It is the only province in China with 41 industrial categories. The exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition themed on "industry", with an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, attracting more than 460 leading enterprises in the industry. Focusing on the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", the exhibition will focus on industrial chain, supply chain and terminal application through the combination of offline and online. Focus is under the transformation and upgrading of all kinds of high quality casting products, casting equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, energy-saving equipment, environmental equipment, laser sheet metal processing equipment, industrial automation, industrial robot, power transmission and control technology, the Internet industry, green building and building materials industry chain upstream and downstream of new technology, new technology and equipment products, viewers to visit is expected to more than 30000 people.


At present, with the development of new industrialization and strategic emerging industries, the development of foundry industry in China has ushered in a new development opportunity. Shandong is a major foundry province, is an important foundry industry base in China, at present, its enterprise technical transformation and industrial transformation and upgrading has been ranked first in the country. This "casting exhibition" is also in response to the call of national policies, advocating enterprises to take the road of innovative and efficient green casting, integrating new resources in the industry, building a communication platform for creating, sharing and common development between the upstream and downstream of the foundry industry, and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and achieving high-quality development. Exhibition site, many enterprises show the intelligent automatic casting machine, automatic polishing machine, automatic intelligent molten iron transport system, lean type full automatic high pressure moulding line, medium frequency induction melting furnace, 3 d printing mould and products such as many kind of new technology, new technology products, will be a big attraction, break our cognition to traditional casting process.


At the same time, more than 20 meetings and activities will be held, such as the 2022 Provincial Foundry Industry Development Symposium, the establishment of the Young Entrepreneurs Branch of Shandong Foundry Association, the commendation of excellent exhibits at the exhibition, the supply-demand matchmaking meeting of foundry enterprise transformation and upgrading, and the C2M demand Customized matchmaking meeting of the Expo.


In order to create a safe and comfortable environment for the participants, the organizing committee has formulated a detailed epidemic prevention and control work plan, requiring all participants to hold a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours. Multiple epidemic prevention and control measures have been taken to refine the entry process.

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