The 7th National Casting Industry Vocational Skills Competition has come to an end
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On the afternoon of July 17th, after two days of intense competition, the 7th National Casting Industry Vocational Skills Competition held in Pingyin County, Jinan City, Shandong Province came to an end, 231 skilled craftsmen from the highest level of domestic casting industry participated.


Two days of competition, in Pingyin County in 10 venues, wonderful. In the smelting and casting workshop of Meide Pingyin branch factory, where the temperature is more than 40 degrees Celsius, contestants are holding a computer to calculate the ratio of main materials and auxiliary materials in smelting, while recording the data on paper. The ingredients were then thrown into a furnace, where they were boiled for an hour at 1400 degrees Celsius. The molten water was poured into the balls and the runners finished the race in a shower of steel. At the scene of the wood mold competition of the Pingyin Branch Factory of the Second Machine Tool, the wood chips from the manual planer gave off a faint fragrance. The contestants sometimes analyzed carefully against the drawings, and sometimes measured carefully with vernier calipers. The scenes of the decomposition and combination of different wood parts were "played out" in their minds. It speaks quietly of the sophistication of the skill and the fact that there is no substitute for the machine...


After a fierce competition, Duan Wenheng from CRRC Qishuyan Locomotive & Rolling Stock Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. won the first place in the smelting group, Xia Shiqiang from CRRC Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. won the first place in the mold group, Zhang Hai from Mede Group Co., Ltd. won the first place in the molding group. At the same time, the top three winners of the three job competitions will be awarded the title of "National Technical Expert", the highest award for skilled workers in the country.


During the competition, Pingyin County also held a special investment promotion activity of "Mei good Pingyin, casting the future together", attended by entrepreneurs representatives around the development of the foundry industry in Pingyin, so that enterprises have a deeper understanding of the development direction of Pingyin County and the degree of integration of enterprises, and firm the confidence in the development of Pingyin County.


Pingyin county committee, deputy secretary of the county magistrate jian-jun pan said the pingyin county will be the competition as an opportunity to build a high level of domestic light industry cluster, ring pingyin casting brand, with first-class business environment, strong policy support, good service sincerely invite the world into the pingyin, fall in love with ping Yin, select pingyin, renewed drive high-quality "double double guide".

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